The design of a Bully Boy automatic bollard is totally unique — there is literally nothing else like it. Bully Boys are very tough, reliable, and simple to maintain and install.

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Control your Bully Boy bollards through cellphone, pin pad or integration into your Access Control system to ensure you control who can enter your premises and at what time of the day.

Low Complexity of Installation
Bully Boys are completely sealed against ingress of dirt, silt and water, so there is no drainage required.
There are no high voltage cables and all their asociated safety and compliance requirements.
Sealed Casing means easy installation and replacement if your bollards are damaged

Low Cost of Maintenance
A Bully Boy bollard assembly does not incorporate motors, pumps, valves, hydraulics, pneumatic cylinders or high voltage wiring, all of
which are prone to failure and corrosion when placed in the middle of a road.
Bully Boys durable seals prevent the ingress of dirt, silt and water.
There are no hyrdaulic fluids or mechanical parts – there is only one moving part and that is the bollard ram itself.

Improved Property Security
The full length of a Bully Boy barrier ram is a solid filled composite design.
The barrier ram is extremely strong and difficult to cut.
The total length of the barrier ram is over twice the raised height of the bollard reducing the stress on the reinforced concrete foundation.
High axial loading capacity so a Bully Boy will not be damaged by loading from heavy vehicles.

Aesthetically Pleasing
High quality stainless steel finishing with classy LED lights to indicate bollard operation, makes Bully Boys ideal for public spaces,
corporate environments and private residences.