Bright top lighting module

Our Bright Top Lighting modules are useful for traffic management with our Automatic bollards, the high brightness LED lighting reflects the operation of the bollards themselves, Solid Green when the bollards are down and it is safe to proceed, Flashing Red when the bollards are in operation, and Solid Red when the bollards are locked in the raised position.

For increased safety and visibility of the system, we recommend the use of Bright Top Lighting Modules on Static Bollards, either side of the Automatic bollard line.

Alternatively, our Bright Top Lighting modules can simply be used for Aesthetic appeal or creating ambient light for pedestrian safety.

Available in Bevelled edge design for Automatic and Static bollards, or Slim design for use in Statics only.  Powered by low voltage 24v DC means that these lights are safe and can be installed without the need of an electrician or extensive trenching.

LED Lens options

Looking for a reliable, low maintenance, very tough bollard system?