About Us

BULLBOY bollards were developed by engineers Charles and David Broadhurst. The father and son wanted to install retractable bollards as a security measure for their rural property at Paremoremo, Auckland but could find nothing suitable on the market - so they decided to develop their own. Now they compete with multinational security providers and more than hold their own in quality of design and product performance. They created an automated retractable bollard that is unique because it is pneumatic, rising through air pressure, rather than hydraulic and therefore does not incorporate motors, pumps, valves, hydraulics, off the shelf pneumatic cylinders or high voltage wiring, which are prone to failure and corrosion. The automated bollards have just one moving part (the barrier ram itself), use a single conduit for the air pipe and electricity and have sophisticated electronic controls enabling activation by pin pad, swipe card or remotely by cell phone. Today BULLBOY bollards are used in New Zealand and Australia for traffic management, site health and safety and security in public spaces, businesses, schools and universities, churches, banks and private residences. They are reliable, low maintenance, tough, intelligent, built-to-last, beautifully designed, easy to install and due to the smart design and local manufacture, both high quality and cost effective.